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fiberglass roofing
It's the workmanship that counts

Roofing Systems in North York, York & Peel Region

When selecting the right roofing system for your property, there are many choices the qualified roofers at Bert Drury Roofing Services Ltd. can suggest to you. An excellent choice for our often unpredictable climate is fibreglass roof shingles, as these shingles tend to have a longer life span in colder, wetter climates.

Economical, Reliable Roofing

Lightweight fibreglass shingles come in many different styles and colours. We can also show you samples that imitate the look of wood, tile or stone. Fibreglass shingles are easier, both to install and to repair, which can help keep your cost down.

From a safety and longevity perspective, fibreglass shingles are a smart choice, being fire-resistant and rot-resistant, as well as backed by long warranties.

Finish the look of your roof with properly installed soffit and fascia.

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Keep your roof in great shape with protective soffit and fascia

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